Your benefits from Holistic Management Consulting and Individual Mentoring are multi-layered and the sphere of action extends to three levels. You will profit personally, in business and socially.

Significant impact on the personal side

  • Higher performance level & greater resilience
  • Increase of intrinsic motivation & enhancement of motivation
  • Increased concentration & efficiency
  • Reduction of the danger of burn-out
  • Improved handling of stress & stress reduction
  • Elimination of sleep disorders — leading to relaxing sleep
  • Breaking through the carousel of thoughts and inner unrest
  • Liberation from addictions, fears and worries
  • Unfolding of personal potential— leads to personal growth
  • Increase of life quality, feeling of joy, satisfaction
  • Greater presence, increased charisma & more sensitivity
  • Supporting physical health & fitness

Impact on the corporate side

  • More zest for life & positive mood in the workplace
  • Caring work atmosphere & more humanity
  • Improvement of business relationships of employees and clients
  • Decreased employee fluctuation
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Reassurance with customers — increase of customer loyalty
  • Differentiation to competing businesses — pioneering role USP
  • Increased reporting in press and media
  • Improvement of the business’ reputation
  • Increase in market value
  • Higher profits & economic success
  • Fewer days missed & less sick leave — leads to cost reduction