Education, Further Training, Seminars and Workshops

Master in Social and Business Studies

Diploma in International Business Administration at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, specialising in International Organisational Behaviour as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SME); English and French language, thesis Yield Management in Family-run hotels.

Diploma, Social and Everyday Problems Counselor LSB (in training)

Training course Social and Everyday Counselor — accompaniment on paths of development. Psycho-social counseling and coaching of people in decision/problem situations in a professional as well as private setting, emphasis in the area of business; highly solution and goal oriented, personality counseling, personal development, systemic counseling, psychiatric basics, developmental psychology, business coaching, stress burn-out prevention, understanding of organizations, conflict management, crisis intervention, communication, cooperation in teams/groups, establishment of a healthy psycho-social environment, dealing with feelings, psycho-hygiene, coping with life crises, goal attainment, finding meaning, planning of the future, decision making, behavior strategies, self determination and heteronomy, priority setting, self awareness.

Psychotherapist Joseph Badegruber –

Diploma, Business Yoga Teacher & Yoga Coach

Yoga techniques for companies, particularly yoga coaching for managers, stress management, burnout prevention/therapy, techniques to increase concentration and relaxation, mindfulness training, self-management in order to develop personal potential.

DI Gundula Schatz -

Systemic-constructive Perspectives as Enhanced Competency in a Counseling Context

Stations of psychotherapy, theory and models, systemic counseling, concept of the human being in systems theory, prerequisites for systemic thinking, systemic-constructive communication theory, meta-communication, family tree, genogram, system of origin, goal setting as a counselor, meta-observation and meta-reflection.

Michelle Pfeffer -

Basics of Psychiatry

Systemic perspective on the theory of subjective health and illness. Understanding the system (function, meaning), construction of subjective health/illness (interference, self-efficacy), distinction of symptom-related interventions (usefulness). Biological system, social system and psychological system, ambivalence scale.

Michelle Pfeffer -


Personal growth/further development, "BFFL" leadership training model, coaching, management-corporate culture.

John Strelecky -

Business mediation

Mediation in business affairs, conflicts in everyday (work) situations, conflict management techniques in organisations, the principles/workflow in the mediation process, role/attitude of the mediator, interpersonal communication in mediation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Holotropic Breath Work

Intensive self-discovery method working with changed states of consciousness and combining old spiritual knowledge and findings of modern consciousness science. Change of consciousness by a change of the breathing pattern, deep breathing and music. Special kind of body work, painting combined with group discussions.

Personnel management training course

Methods for competent communication with staff, staff motivation, personnel development, personnel planning, leadership personality.

Sabine Rohrmoser -

Autorität statt Macht

Neue Autorität und gewaltloser Widerstand. Systemischer Ansatz, der Personen mit Führungsverantwortung stärkt und Mittel zur Durchsetzung ihrer Aufgaben vermittelt. Modell 7 Säulen der Neuen Autorität: Präsenz & Wachsame Sorge, Selbstkontrolle, Netzwerk, Widerstand, Beziehungsgesten, Transparenz, Widergutmachung.

DSA Hans Steinkellner MSc -


This stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques — a therapeutic technique for the removal of disturbances within the physical energy system of the body. Certain beginning and end points of meridians are activated with your own hands (tapped on).

Martin Laschkolnig -

Intercultural training

Intercultural communication, intercultural management, appreciation of cultural diversity/similarity, support in analysing stereotypes/prejudices, broadening and changing the cultural viewpoint at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Nada Yoga

Sounds and voice have a strong stress reducing effect on humans. It is the goal to become conscious of your own breathing rhythm and your voice. Conscious perception of the sounds from outside will lead to a turn towards inner peace and therefore to meditation. Warm-up exercises, breathing and voice work, sounding, mindfulness exercises, mantra singing, meditation.

Martha Böhm -

MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Introduction to stress management by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Awareness training of the present moment, mindfulness training, mindfulness mediation, mindfulness practices, body awareness, perception and training of senses

Antje Kirchknopf –

Sustainability and Employer Branding in Tourism

WKO Salzburg Tourism Day; focusing on sustainability in tourism, sustainable travelling, Employer Branding - finding and signing employees.

Team building

Team building and development, taking influence and being the leader in groups and teams, assertion and negotiation strategies, motivation, outdoor training and self-reflection at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.


Alkaline nutrition, acid-base balance, ph-value, alkaline foods, acid yielding foods, alkaline bath, liver compress, fasting cure, precautions, distinctive characteristics.

Susanne Flintsch -

Vision quest

Rite of passage from one stage in one's life to the next, 10-day retreat back to nature and tranquillity.

Joseph Badegruber, Anne Tscharmann -

Rendezvous with life

Work towards reconciliation with the inner child, regression therapy, hypnosis, body therapy, mindfulness training, quantum healing.

Christina Didszun -

Yoga Anatomy

Body development, musculoskeletal system and functional and anatomical background of practicing yoga. Organs, muscle groups and joints in the various asanas. Exercises and their effects.

Andreas Vecsei -


A healing path towards the own identity - what is identity? - authenticity, autonomy or adaptation, identity vs. identification, borrowed identity, self-value.

Joseph Badegruber –

Original Play

Free play - the behaviour of adults, children and animals in play and how this can improve interactions between the individual and the group. Replacing fear and competition with a feeling of belonging and friendship.

Fred Donaldson -

Budo Educational Theory

Educational concept building upon the philosophy and methods of Asian martial arts and the art of movement, combining sports, social, pedagogical and therapeutic approaches to practice-oriented goals, behavior and exercise patterns. The goal is a strengthening of the ego, body awareness and social competence.

Jörg Michael Wolters -


Introspection: a Japanese meditative 7-day silent method of self-reflection.

Joseph Badegruber –


Trusting your inner voice - intuition as a basis for creativity, the ability to listen to what your heart is saying, the skill of instinctive understanding and keen perception, the ability to grasp an atmosphere/mood of a group/company.

Joseph Badegruber –

CQM – Chinese Quantum Method

Awareness therapy in the human "operating system" aiming at neutralising viruses via applied quantum physics and Far Eastern wisdom.

Gabriele Eckert –

Unfolding the goddess within

Webinar on the topics of identifying your position and objectives, career and money, self-image, love and self-love, partnership, spirituality, etc.

Karin Hafen -


Smudging to cleanse, clear and energize rooms/the house. Effects and use of herbs, resins, woods.

Katja Egger -


Homoeopathy for physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Irmgard Gottschling –

Dalai Lama's Visit to Austria

Inter religious dialog meeting at the Tibet Center Salzburg.

I Ching — The Book of Changes

Millennia-old Chinese book of wisdom and prophesy. The pictures of the I Ching are drawn from the observation of nature and offer possibilities to align thought and action according to processes found in nature. Reading, reflecting, interpreting the hexagrams and life situations described therein via the pictures and wisdom. Symbolism, questioning and interpretation.

Henrik Jäger –

Connected Breathing

Breathing session; a method of deeply connecting with your own body. Breathing is a bridge and creates a spontaneous access to our very essence which is not induced by our will. Breathing process while lying down, connect to circular breathing via breathing.

Heidemaria Fuchs-Seits -

Youth Pedagogy

Developmental psychology outline; 4 phases of building trust coupled with 4 forms of fear. Development of children and teenagers whose problems can be expressed by behavioral and developmental disorders and their implications for adulthood.

Henning Köhler -