Mission Statement

Vision / Purpose of Existence / Why

Question: Why am I here? What do I want to do with my life? How can I harmonize my personal and professional mission? What do I want to achieve with my company, Veganessa WITH LOVE? What is the purpose of its existence?

Answer: To make the world a better, more magical, more loving and a brighter place than I found it. To design my life so that I like it, enjoy it and can make my calling my work. Gaining and passing on knowledge, wisdom and experience. Supporting and inspiring other people in their life mission — professionally and privately.

Values / Approaches / How

Question: How, is this done in dealing with other people and my business partners, clients and companies? Which values are important to me?

Answer: Authenticity, honesty, awareness, compassion, appreciation, gratitude, freedom, respect, neutrality, sense of basic trust and humility.

Mission / Big 5 for Life / What

Question: What are the things that I absolutely want to do, to have seen and experienced in my life, professionally and privately, before I die? Which activities do I want to set with my company Veganessa WITH LOVE? What does a successful life mean for me?

Harmony of body, spirit and soul - Being in harmony, for me, requires healthy nutrition, sport, spirituality, yoga, psyche, nature, reading and time islands.

Contact - Being in genuine relationships with fellow human beings, business partners, family and friends. Communication, knowledge, experience, having realizations and passing them on, making it livable and possible to be experienced.

Creativity - Expressing my innermost self via various channels such as writing (blog, magazine, book, ...), speaking (lectures, seminars, trainings, ...), consulting, painting, creating.

Entrepreneurship - Being innovative, bringing and implementing new ideas in life, being a role model, taking on a pioneer role, constant development.

Travel - Travelling the world, getting to know and understand foreign cultures, ideologies, wisdoms and ways of life.