Only the heart can see well; the essence is hidden from the eyes.

- Saint Exupéry

paradigm shift

I firmly believe that it is time to create and direct a new type of company based on true values, such as empathy, solidarity and mindfulness. It is hard to ignore the fact that we are heading towards a paradigm shift: people are becoming increasingly unhappy and ill, burnout rates are rising exponentially, markets are collapsing, sales are on a downward trend, personnel problems are getting bigger and we all suffer from stress. In these troubled times, managers need even more sensitivity if they are to navigate the company to a safe harbour. In my opinion, one of the biggest problems is that we have lost touch with reality; we have become uprooted. Figures have become abstract entities in our heads and people have turned into anonymous numbers. Entire companies, whose managers and employees think only in theoretical terms, concentrate on thoughts that spiral around numbers and analyses. Constructs of ideas are developed all the time and have nothing to do with reality. Our intellect drives this spiral of thoughts on, preventing us from finding peace of mind: forget what's going on in your head, return to our bodies, where we can be grounded and find our way back to reality. Where we can be human again and simply "be" and "feel"; avoid the hectic of doing, producing, always bigger, always faster, even further. People and companies have lost their sensitivity and the ability to feel; they are no longer able to recognise reality – the here and now.


I want to give courage, hope and inspiration to your company and your employees and let them feel love. An authentic, holistic corporate culture, based on true values, coming from the hearts of the employees, which are practiced especially by the managers, can really work miracles. The time for superficial greenwashing is over. Cheats and deceivers will disappear. The wheat will be separated from the chaff. A company will only sail safely through troubled waters if it is firmly established and deeply rooted in its own identity with the ability to ignore every trend or must-have and instead create strength from within, be powerful and set trends itself. Holistic corporate management enables the company to conduct long-term competent business, target attractive profits, earn and retain loyal employees and satisfied customers.


Special people are required for this task, people who have a certain amount of foresight, people who are sensitive to interrelationships, who can delve deeper into the issue and have the necessary finesse and humanity. To do business successfully, both commercial and entrepreneurial know-how as well as excellent social competence are required, I am fortunate enough to have these skills. "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye," wrote Saint-Exupéry in his book, 'The Little Prince'. How true this well-known quote is. Empathy, sympathy, listening actively and responding and committing to your partner are all essential skills when interacting with other people, regardless of whether this is on a personal or professional level. To really take the time for a conversation and put yourself in the other person's position, dedicate that person your full and unshared attention – that is an art, and that is precisely what this is all about. Without judging that person, or projecting something onto that person, or imputing anything, without being distracted and not paying full attention because you're too caught up with your own problems. This tends to be an unconscious process, but it takes place and is what most of our conversations are like, no matter whether they are with staff, customers or business partners. It is only when we remain receptive, present in the here and now and listen with our hearts that we can put ourselves in the position of the other person, read him and find out or sense what he really needs, what his wishes and requirements are. Only then can we respond directly to their needs and fulfil them.


The good thing about change is that it sets forth a new era and a new league of companies will form – one that will have the trust in itself to take big steps, the courage to try new things and take on a pioneering role with innovative ideasThese companies need not only unique CFOs and CEOs but a new component will become necessary, a new role will join them, the CSO – Chief Spiritual & Social Officer. In this role, I see myself as an inhouse coach working holistically and closely with the management of the company, providing business understanding and know-how, expertise in catering and hotel issues and also psychological and holistic capabilities; someone who practises awareness, mindfulness, happiness and with love in her heart.