My heart is wide open so everyone can see it, because those who act with a clear heart will save the world.

- Thomas D.

Born and raised in Saalbach as the daughter of a hotelier family highly engaged in the town (former mayor, active in Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Association, managing director of Saalbach Cablecars, ...). Already early on I was able to learn "to pitch in" in the hotel and to learn what it means to be born into a family business in a tourism destination. What the business demands of you, where guests and employees become more important than your own family. At the same time I was allowed to profit from the many advantages and presents of a hotel, from independence and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Studies of international economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, study abroad in St. Gallen and London. In the meantime, working in the family business and since 2010 full entry into management of the business.

Complying with the pressure to perform, always having to give your best performance, the constant preoccupation with the family hotel and working around the clock, have definitely shown me the limits of my resilience. Being driven by perfectionism and the highest demands, like a machine without breaks for rest, finally led me to fall into burn-out in 2012. Nothing worked anymore. The constant pressure - the false belief - of meeting the expectations of everyone else while forgetting about myself brought me to the limits of my strength.

I am deeply grateful for this drastic turning point in my life. It was first then that I learned what it means to live!

Because of my subsequent "time out" and regenerative phase to restore my physical and mental balance and for healing, I was allowed to learn that taking breaks, relaxing and private time islands are indispensable. There has to be a balanced relationship between work and leisure time. The requirements of the body are to be taken seriously. Yoga, meditation and especially nature help to relax body and mind.

Since I was able to experience this myself and have realized its importance, it is a particular personal concern of mine to pass this insight on to other people and to support them. I had to learn the hard way how fast the ground under your feet can be torn away, how you can lead a life that is not your own and be miles away from your inner center, in a state of constant tension.

Today, I know that you can decide for yourself what kind of life you want to lead. You can take control, step out of your victim mentality and you can create a fulfilled and happy life.

Therefore, my consulting and mentoring are born out of real life; they are honest, authentic and truthful. In addition, my personal experiences are underpinned by goal-oriented trainings and specific knowledge to enable me to speak in a well-founded and scientific way about the topic areas.