Further Development: Holistic Management Model

My approach within the Holistic Management Model has been expanded by the component, "human being" as well as the introduction of a "third dimension".


Human Psyche

The individuals connected in and around the company have significant and decisive importance for the success of the business. People are the foundation and the basis of all economic activity — each employee, the leading team and the "executive level". The business as a whole can only work as economically successful as every single employee involved does.
We humans simply are mentally active beings — sometimes our actions are based on rationale, but usually, unfortunately, they are irrational and unconscious. Well-trained, conditioned behavior patterns and thought structures have a significant effect on our performance and thereby on the success of the business. The psyche, imprints, attitudes, fears, sorrows, values, doctrines, etc. of the management and employees determine the performance and output of the business.




Illustration-013rd Dimension

Furthermore, there is another "greater" power that is influential on business performance. Some scientists call it morphogenetic information fields and others would describe this space with the words "universe", "Divine", "quantum possibility", or just simply as "energy".
We humans are embedded between Heaven and Earth, just as the business is. The business needs to be well-grounded in order to be in command of implementation, drive and stability. Simultaneously the business is exposed to a "higher meaning", a "superior purpose", something of a "larger whole" of the universe.