Holistic Management Consulting

Your vis-a-vis deserves to receive your undivided attention!

- Moi

Evolving and developing the highest business potential
for the entire company and its surroundings
Owner, leading team, employees, customers, business partners

Since every business is individual, even unique and alive, it requires much more than a "one-size-fits-all" approach!

The approach of my consulting, my mentoring and coaching is based on the Holistic Management Model which I designed. Personally, I see myself more in the role of the "good fairy", reminding you of the strength and power already inside you, than in the role of a "typical" business consultant. I strongly believe that all potential already exists in your company. It simply needs to be brought to the surface by means of interventions and irritations. My service portfolio exceeds the standard range of services, namely back to the source – back to the human being.

The business as a living organism per se, the people working in it and in its surroundings are at the center of my work. Especially the personal contact with managers, employees and owners is a characteristic of my work. Predominantly I will be on-site, in your system. Since I will only be able to perceive the company dynamic and subsequently be able to consult and support on a holistic level, by entering into your system and spending some time in it. Only in this way it will be possible to foster a true relationship and connect.

My consulting process becomes graspable, livable and real. It becomes a shared process, in which genuine, profound, long-lasting change in your company takes place. It does not, as usually often happens, remain a desktop concept whose implementation evaporates after the initial high phase, simply because it was attempted to impose a concept from the outside.

My consulting approach reaches into the deeper layers - in the company and the employees' personalities. Change and growth occur from the inside out.