Corporate Culture, Corporate Identity & Employer Branding

Corporate culture, corporate identity and employer branding are inseparably tied together; they go hand in hand and mutually influence each other.

There is a corporate culture in every business, even if it is only lived out implicitly and not formally written down. A certain atmosphere - spirit - can be felt in every company. Corporate culture is a mirror of general values, beliefs, norms and unwritten laws of an organization. Basic assumptions of the business about itself, are for example, tradition, innovation, flexibility, corporate spirit, team spirit, hierarchy levels of the business, informal structures, dogma, processes, conflict settlement, communication, organizational learning, handling of mistakes, cooperation, competitiveness or the importance of personal relationships.


competitiveness key success factor

A strong corporate identity and corporate culture are seen as a source of as well as a hindrance to success. Every action in an organization is affected and influenced by its culture. The corporate identity and corporate culture affect all levels of management as well as decision making and the relationships with stakeholders such as colleagues, clients, suppliers or business partners. Again, the relationship with employees is influenced and a strong employer brand will succeed in the job market and will be attractive to good employees. If employees identify with the business it will be noticed by clients and all stakeholders. Strong employer brands make a difference and give the employees orientation. Employer branding and corporate identity as a more encompassing part of corporate culture serve competitiveness and enable businesses to "stand out" from the masses. A strong corporate culture and corporate identity are verifiable factors for success and contribute to sustainable business success. Most important are a clear positioning of the enterprise and its authenticity and honesty in all directions!

personalities characters

A special focus needs to be put on the individual human psyche within the corporate context — personal assumptions and beliefs about oneself and the business — because foremost it is the owners and leading managers as well as all employees of the business who determine the culture within a business. It is their personal attitudes about life regarding success and failure, self-confidence and self-awareness. Their fears, worries, illnesses, desires, visions, dreams, feelings and emotions are determining factors. It is their mental, psycho-social and cognitive character, behavior patterns, attitudes and basic assumptions on how the world functions that are important for an understanding of the corporate culture. These especially have to be given a high degree of attention. It's the psyche of each employee when talking about corporate culture, corporate identity and employer branding. It is people and their personalities und character that give these terms meaning!

We will also consider this aspect in my consultation when we ask ourselves these questions in depth as a business:

cont-bigWho am I as a business? How do I want to be? How do I want to be seen? What is the purpose of my business? What do I offer as a business? Why should clients choose me? What is my message? What do I want to evoke? How do I want to position myself? What identity do I have? Am I authentic? Credible? What characteristics determine the corporate culture? What is our mission? What culture exists? Which values, norms, and behavior patterns does my business act in accordance with? Are they written down? Are they truly supported by all employees? Are they truthfully lived out or only written down on paper? Do my employees and business partners know my vision, mission, my purpose of existence? Do you even know it yourself in all its depth? Have you fathomed it in all its depth? Which values are lived out? Which ones would like to be lived out? Which ones are implicitly lived out and considered true? How do you handle stress? How are colleagues treated? Hierarchy? Trust? Respect? Atmosphere? Working climate? Who makes decisions? How are they made? How are people from outside the business treated? Which culture/identity would I like to have? Would I like to change existing structures? Are things allowed to change? What is allowed to be renewed? What can be let go of? How are mistakes handled? Communication? Feedback? Complaints? Critique? Togetherness? What makes my employees "tick"? What belief systems, sorrows, fears, attitudes about success and failure do they have? What are the stress factors?

We will craft a new company mission statement

  • Vision Why?
  • Values How?
  • Mission What?

and develop a Code of Conduct for your business. We will make the entire process livable and tangible, so that the change will be concrete and genuine for you and your employees - it will get under your skin, in a large contrast to concepts which are often quickly forgotten.

I want to invite you to cultivate the development and formation of your new corporate identity and corporate culture together with me - as a secret to success and an improvement of the quality of your life.