Hotel Business & Gastronomy

Hospitality - hospitare - receiving a guest.
Restaurant - restaurare - restoring physical strength.

- per definitionem

cont-hotellerieCan it be that the original meaning and importance of the Latin word stems have gone missing?
To care for a guest encompasses much more than simply serving excellent food and offering a luxurious room. The guest has made a well-considered decision for your restaurant, your hotel, and not for the competition. Therefore, presenting your guest with unforgettable and cozy service which exceeds the norm should really come from your heart. This is what true hospitality means! The guest will feel the difference, whether the waiter presents the plate rather indifferently, or with love which flows from the heart through the hand, onto the plate.

Equally, the food will taste better if the chef cooks with careful, loving, undivided attention, rather than pondering arguments and disputes in a tense atmosphere.

The guest comes to you because he/she made the conscious decision not to work at the stove today, but to be spoiled! Not to use his/her own hands for once but to do nothing; to fully enjoy the feeling of being waited on and taken care of.

For those of us working in the hotel and gastronomy business it is normal to have food served to you. But we must not forget that for most of our guests this is not normal - it's something special, a highlight, something you look forward to for weeks or days.

Let's make a difference together!

This difference has to start with the employees - from the inside out - so that this pleasant, cozy, welcome difference can be made palpable and tangible for the guest.

The hotel and gastronomy professions are honorable. They are far more than receptionist, Garde Manger, Gouvernante or Commis de Rang. It is an honor when guests spend their time in your establishments and you can give these fellow human beings unforgettable moments. Let us put this respect back into the center of our operation again.

I would be delighted to be at your side, supporting and consulting you in this matter.

This is the direction our common journey could take...

First, I will check in anonymously as a mystery checker to get an overview of the hotel, the employees and the company culture. This will enable me to gain an understanding of structures, processes, belief systems and behavior patterns of the organization. Following the mystery check, I will discuss my observations and impressions with you and your leading team, and we will compile ideas, modes of assistance and solution approaches for each specific operational concern. A holistic concept, custom-tailored for your hotel, will be developed and implemented. I will accompany this system process professionally, therapeutically and in an advisory capacity for a certain period of time. In doing so, my work will encompass the physical-material level and the mental-spiritual level. My aspiration is to support and strengthen the living organism "hotel" "restaurant/gastronomy" with its employees, leading team, "bosses" and guests on a holistic level, thereby enabling it to reach its highest potential.