Culinary Trend

The eating habits of guests have changed a lot in recent times and will still challenge a lot of restaurant owners in the future. Openness and flexibility are necessary.

Order modifications and special requests have almost become the daily norm. On the one hand this is due to food intolerances, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance and allergies to flavor enhancers which have increased at a rapid rate. But the demand patterns have also changed because of a change in the guest's awareness. A new awareness regarding quality and health aspects of food products has taken hold with guests. The trend is definitely going towards organic - products of organic and regional origin. Equally, the demand for vegetarian and vegan meals is greatly increasing.

bioThe guests want to know what is being served on the plate. Transparency and communication are becoming important criteria. The guest of tomorrow has different requirements for his food than before - good taste alone is no longer good enough. In addition to taste and presentation of meals, the health aspect, an increased dimension of consciousness, becomes a part of the equation. Putting a vegetarian meal on the menu as a sign of goodwill is not enough. Health-conscious, vegetarian, vegan guests are an increasingly important target group. These guests are more common and certainly no longer a niche market. It is time to offer them a serious, high quality offer!

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expansion of the menu, menu suggestions, culinary training

Together we will examine what dishes you offer so far and think about ways to expand it. How can you expand your menu so you are able to respond to your guests' wishes? Of course, the new meals have to fit your style and meet the character of your kitchen. We will compile the right meals and menu selections for you from a multitude of possibilities. The expansion of your menu will not only please your regular customers, but also attract a new target group.

We will address the following strategic questions: How will the changes be communicated to the outside? What and how will you communicate? Who will be addressed? New target groups? Market expansion? Which advertising and marketing measures will be taken? Announcement via events? Differentiation from the competition?...

For the practical implementation, your employees will receive special training. Especially the service personnel will have to know what is being sold and be aware of new components and ingredients of the new meals. The kitchen personnel will also receive an introduction and explanation of the handling of the new products. A culinary training will be a subsequent step, during which practical tools of the trade will be shown and, if needed, assistance for calculation and product procurement will be given.

The guests will appreciate your efforts and honor them with their frequent visits.