Employees / Motivation / Cooperation

How do you like the food brought to you by a disgruntled waiter and prepared by a half-hearted cook? Would you want to return to such a hotel restaurant? Probably not.

Is this attitude possibly familiar to you? "There are no more good employees; it is so difficult to find good cooks, waiters or receptionists!" "After all, you cannot find good employees in the present labor market." "Nothing worthwhile is available any longer." If you really believe this, then surely this is what you will encounter. But if you believe that there are many talented and motivated employees available in the market and that they would like to work for you, then this as well will come true for you. Your thoughts influence your reality. Why is it possible for other businesses to have a large core staff, whose employees are highly motivated in their work, who like executing their work, and make it possible for the guests experience this goodwill?

The soil for a fertile work environment has to be prepared and cared for, so that good employees can thrive and grow in it.

We will invest time on the following thematic focal points:

  • Intrinsic motivation - motivation from the inside out
  • Communication, communication problems
  • Personnel management
  • Teamwork
  • Interfaces in the business - Reception / Kitchen/ Service / Etage / „Boss"
  • Importance of passing on information between departments
  • Responsibility, area of responsibility, understanding of roles
  • Dealing with stress, stress and even more stress
  • Working atmosphere
  • Connection head, heart, hand
  • Understanding the guests