Development of Potencial, Change Management & Quantum Leap

Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings.

- Neil Armstrong

profound change

During this change management process a true quantum leap occurs in the development of the organization. Profound change takes place in existing business structures. This process helps let go of what's old and obsolete, and develop that which is new and successful. This approach is the most intensive form of my consulting processes. All modules of my service portfolio are integrated here.


growth success enjoyment

The business will radiate its new luster, will find and solidify its identity. It will recognize its center and will find peace there, drawing on it for strength and success. Equally, this will be true for all individuals active within the business — owners, leading team and employees. The further development and exposure of potential will affect their business as well as their personality. This is done through self-knowledge and self-awareness and will have an effect on many different levels. The transformational development will be noticeable for your clients and your business partners and you will benefit from it as well.
Neither you, your business, nor your employees will be recognizable again! Success, zest for life and serenity are your presents!

The sequence is structured as follows and consists of 12 course units:

  1. Preliminary discussion, outlook, "status quo", goal setting
  2. 1 Block economics
    1. 3 Module topical emphasis: Corporate Identity, corporate culture, mission statement, Code of Conduct, Corporate Social Responsibility, USP, communication, motivation of employees
  3. 2 Block psyche
    1. 3 Module topical emphasis: Connectio between psyche mind performance, pattern of action, belief pattern, stress/time, psychological mental processes, mental training, affirmations, visualization techniques, consciousness/sub-consciousness, psychology, neurobiology
  4. 3 Block spirit
    1. 3 Module topical emphasis: Energy, energy centers, energy flow, intuition, universal power, spiritual laws, materialization, laws, connection head-heart-hand, nutrition, gratitude, happiness, zest of life
  5. Debriefing session, review, „analysis of status quo", realization
  6. Completion, celebration and honor ceremony, handover of Code of Conduct

Accompanying the entire process additionally: Mindfulness training, consciousness training, yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques.

developing business potential

The plan is that this process of developing your potential and the 12 units be spread over a period of minimum 12 weeks, whereby one unit will take place at your business once a week. Here as well the process can be designed individually so that structure and course of the seminars will fit the requirements of your business. The content can also be offered as a blocked weekend version. It's just important that the process is spread over a longer period of time. Self awareness and self knowledge which lead to healing and change take time.

In addition to the course units we will have weekly yoga lessons and meditation at your company. Here as well the intensity of the business yoga hours and meditation units is dependent on your requirements. This way we can pave the way of transformational change by means of calming and slowing down the mind.