Individual Mentoring

Are you still thinking your life, or living it already?!

- Moi

We humans not only think our thoughts but much more. We think our feelings, we think our emotions and we think our senses. Usually we also think our life.
We do not taste our food, we think it. We do not feel the passion in our relationships, we think it. We also no longer see the honest face of our counterpart, but we think what he/she could be thinking. We do not smell the scent of a rose, but we think about why we were given one or why not and we create a mental drama out of it. We are constantly thinking up some kind of story, instead of letting things be just the way they are, giving them a chance to be perceived in their reality - grasping them in their "now-ness". In our play we are playing around with various thoughts, over and over again. We play out different possibilities in our heads again and again, without trying out a single one of them. And that's how life passes us by, in our minds.

But! Our life does not take place in our heads but day by day, minute by minute, in every moment. Now! At this moment! And! It cannot be grasped by the head or mind, but only with the body. Your body is real, your thoughts are fantasies.

I want to invite you to feel, to sense, to enjoy your life, to wake up from your dream, to meet true life - your life - and to experience it most intensely; to experience instead of talking and to feel the authenticity of the experience yourself!