Non-Business Day

The biggest events - they are not our loudest but our most quiet hours.

- Friedrich Nietzsche

time-out time for yourself

These hours, this day only belongs to you. You only take time for yourself; nothing has to be done, accomplished, planned or organized. Not your job, or your partner, not your family or your friends. No expectations have to be met. During these hours everything revolves around you, it is your time and you are at the center.
And it is all right the way it is! Give yourself the permission to put yourself first in your life, to listen to your wishes and needs, to make room for your innermost self. Consciously take a step back from everyday life and your roles in your job, your family and social setting. It is a short TIMEOUT. You are taking a "short retreat" to give yourself some time out from the world outside, outer influences, and for time with your inner self, the person you are.

arrive in the here and now

We will see what exactly you need on your non-business day in order to free you from blocks and to stimulate your energy flow, to individually design your day and your hours. You will find yourself in a feeling of harmony, balance, tranquility and inner peace. You will learn how to consciously create TIME ISLANDS for yourself where you can sit back and relax during your stressful everyday life - enjoy quiet and refuel with power. A place where you arrive in the here and now, in the present time, in the moment. Where you can observe and appreciate the treasures of each moment. You can stop your merry-go-round of thoughts, step out of your "brooding trap" and observe and quiet your mind.

healing power of nature

You will experience the healing power of nature, absorb energy from nature and notice how much nature can heal. You'll experience a feeling of being carried and rooted, of being in harmony, feel a basic sense of trust, simply experience the consciousness that everything is all right the way it is. You'll reconnect with your body, feel it, sense and live it. Out of DOING into BEING.

minduflness awareness

You'll practice mindfulness and awareness, experience the difference between relaxation and tension and experience a meditative state in the present moment as well as conscious and correct breathing.
Self discovery in mindfulness training, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, meditation, body work, affirmations, visualization techniques and mental training supported by energy work with quanta, sound, scent, vibration, essences, smudging and symbols.

zest of life

Your spiritual well-being is something you have to take care of for yourself — even if these words sound harsh; unfortunately, no one can do this for you, as much as we sometimes wish it were true. Change requires courage. The world belongs to the brave. Get going, no matter where you are right now. I would love to be able to support you in taking your first steps towards yourself, your zest for life, your happiness, your satisfaction and serenity.