Ski Mind Yoga Awareness


Standing on the summit, feeling absolutely free, you glance down into the valley.

being one

Being one with the mountain, feeling the snow, feeling the motion, being the swing. Powerful physical tension, deliberate use of muscles, stability on the ski with flexibility of legs and knees at the same time, and a flowing positioning of your carving swing. The mind is peaceful and clear, the snow crunches below your skis, full concentration without effort, the ski almost slides on its own; it is one movement. Easy, harmonious, simple. You are "in flow". There is nothing left, only you and the mountain - no distractions from the outside world or your thoughts - you merge together. You are "in the zone".

in the zone

cont-skifahrenEnjoy this state of absolute oneness. At first, the moments of "being in the zone" are short and fleeting. We will attempt to stretch these times, to experience them more intensely, to find "the flow" more often and to linger in oneness longer. This happens by means of mindfulness training and spiritual education. Your focus on breathing, mind and body will be trained.

You will not be able to recognize your skiing; it will gain a different quality than before. It is no longer about getting down the mountain fast, taking up most of the area on the slope for yourself, buckling your ski boot so tight that it almost cuts off the blood circulation in your feet, jumping the line at the ski lift, getting annoyed about other rowdy skiers, grabbing the best table in the sun at lunch and "inhaling" a few beers in the after-ski party hours.
And even if you do perceive these things, it will be with more intensity and awareness, with moments of being in the zone". ;-)

But we may also ski a different way and release the illusion of having to conquer the mountain, and instead engage in the many small, unique moments and the beauty of nature and experience and enjoy the wintry landscape.

We will begin the ski day with a yoga exercise. The yoga unit for warming up and energizing your body will either happen at your place - in the warmth of your home or hotel - or outside on the slope; as you wish. The intensity will be adjusted to your constitution. It's no problem at all if you have no prior yoga knowledge. As a start we will do very easy and simple positions - asanas.
Then we'll go skiing. We'll go skiing together, enjoy a wonderful skiing day and, throughout the day, we'll focus on breathing, the mind and the body. I will show you practical tips and give you concrete tools with which you will be able to notice a difference in your body.


skiing in the moment

We'll go skiing just the way you're used to. Yoga, mindfulness training and spiritual education will occur alongside this. You personally will have to do nothing, not exert yourself in a special way or even change your way of skiing. Just ski. At some point you will catch yourself getting into just being, getting into the moment, merging with the mountain, with your swing and being "in the flow". You do not need to or have to do anything specific for it. It simply happens on its own, if you are open for it.

You can consciously reserve this day just for you and feel your experiences during the individual coaching or you can also have this experience of such a skiing day together with your friends, your family or business partners. Share with each other or listen to the others' realizations and experience the dynamics of a group; whatever you prefer. Is one day enough or is a weekend or even a full week necessary? You decide what is good for you.

ski slope as a teacher

While skiing, we will encounter our limits. The way we ski says a lot about us and our character and how we act in our day-to-day life. The ski slope can be a good teacher of life for us.

Let's go skiing together and feel the difference in the here and now. You will feel more joy while skiing and become a better skier along the way.