Space Clearing – Energizing of Rooms

Smudging is an ancient tradition in human history. For many centuries the power and energy of smudging has been known to primitive people. But not only primitive peoples used smudging - it is also found in old traditions and increasingly in Asia for medicinal, religious, shamanic or magical purposes. Ritual smudging serves to cleanse, heal and protect humans, animals and living spaces.

Every piece of land, every house, every company, every office, every hotel and every restaurant has a history and many people have left their tracks and energy there in the past. Space clearing via smudging and using sound help to clear, clarify and positively recharge energy fields and living areas.

Also in a business context we should not only clear things on a material level when new processes are put into place and renewal takes place, but also make room on a subtle level - releasing and clearing the old and used-up so that the new can take hold within the business. Everyone carries quite a bit of ballast and waste. These negative energies - emotions, fears, sorrows, arguments - hang around in the subtle or etheric realm. You probably know how it is when you instantly feel comfortable, cozy and welcome in some places; there is simply a good energy in a room. Or in contrast, you know for some inexplicable reason that you feel unwell, you get cold, somehow there is no air in the room; it seems stuffy and tight. The energy just isn't flowing. Public places are an especially fertile ground for all kinds of energies, with so many people who all have different vibrations and states of being. For this reason it is very important to clean and free your office building, your company space, your hotel or restaurant of the old loads of energy and to recharge them with new energy.


When should smudging be done in your business?

  • Complete basic cleansing “spring cleaning”
  • New beginning, start-up phase
  • At the beginning of big projects, change processes
  • Serious crises
  • Serious arguments among employees
  • Reconstruction of your company building
  • Relocation to a new company building before moving
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Succession in family enterprises, business handover
  • Serious arguments with clients or competitors with the feeling of “ill will”
  • Active contact between clients/guests, especially in gastronomy/hotel business
  • Negatively perceived energy in meeting rooms/offices, one has the feeling immediately upon entering that the energy level and the ability to concentrate sink, fatigue takes hold
  • Recurring guest complaints about premises/rooms at your hotel/or restaurant although objectively the reasons for it seem unjustified
  • Noises, steps, feeling a “spirit is haunting the house”
  • The deceased, spirits, outside energies are meddling on your premises

Space clearing is done in four steps. First all doors and windows are closed. Afterwards the energy is brought into movement with sounds. Then the actual main part begins using coal and smudging. All rooms are first cleaned, cleared and neutralized with resins, and then with herbs, wood and roots. Next, all rooms are aired well so that the accumulated smoke can escape. In the end, all premises are charged with fragrant incense and positive energy. One moves through the rooms with the smudging bundle/stick about 10 to 13 times. All possible energies are transformed and the deceased are asked to leave. The ritual house fumigation will last for several hours — it takes about 4 hours per 100m2, depending on the size and nature of the rooms. A more free and harmonic sense of space is created and the air seems cleaner and clearer; it simply feels better.

What effects does smudging have?

  • Liberation of old energies
  • Cleansing of the soul
  • Liberation from possession and spirits
  • Invisible powers find peace
  • Relaxation in your rooms
  • Clarity, fostering of concentration
  • Harmonic, inspiring work climate
  • Liberation from tension, pressure, waste
  • Liberation from old burdens
  • Creating room for new
  • Protection and healing