Business Yoga

The art of relaxing is part of the art of working

- John Steinbeck

stress rush time pressure

Business owners, the leading team and employees, individuals in a business, experience an especially challenging everyday life, sapping energy from both the body and the mind, as well as placing extreme stress on the emotional balance. Long working hours, job-related stress in the workplace, increasing pressure of time, as well as high demands on oneself - whether professionally or privately - these phenomena sap our power reserves. Business Yoga can be of excellent service in helping prevent burn-out and losing one's zest for life.

balance tension relaxation

The balance between tension and relaxation is very often disturbed in day-to-day work. But especially in hectic professional times, breaks and regeneration are important - times when the body and mind can find peace and regain strength in order to start anew and work with concentration and efficiency.


Business Yoga creates "time islands" of peace - of coming back to yourself, and bringing your back into your body during work hours.


comfortable at your site

The yoga lessons will take place on site, at your business. I will come to your business as a trained business yoga instructor and yoga coach, and I will bring along all gear such as yoga mats, blocks and belts. The structural integration of the yoga lessons within your day-to-day business schedule can be individually designed by your business; whether, for example, twice a week every Monday and from 5 - 6:30 p.m. and Thursday morning from 8:30 – 10 a.m., or several short yoga lessons lasting only a few minutes but spread throughout the working day. Whether it's individual coaching for managers, small groups for well-integrated teams or a larger group for an entire floor, this too can be arranged individually and even simultaneously. Whether the release of stress and relaxation is moved into the focus of business yoga or the goal is rather set in the direction of promoting concentration and the visualization of project goals, or whether specific physical ailments are to be eased. Our yoga lessons together can take the shape of a many-facetted form, including preparation for important meetings or contract negotiations. A yoga lesson can be taken together with important business partners or offered as a present for your esteemed guests. There are no limits to your wishes and needs. Frequency, length, time of day, the size of the group and the focus of the yoga lessons can be designed very flexibly and will be specifically created according to the demands of your business.

conentration motivation performance

Physical health, mental well-being and the prevention of illness at the workplace are all essential factors for the commitment to perform and motivation of the leading team and employees. Business yoga is a wonderful CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) measure for your employees.

energy vitality charisma

Dissolving blocks allows personal energy to flow again, mobilizes new strength and increases energy, vitality and charisma.