CSR Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Be the change you want to see in the world

- Mahatma Gandhi

Responsible Business Management

CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, means responsible business management within the actual business (market) - from ecologically relevant aspects (environment), to the relationship with employees (workplace), and the exchange with relevant contact and interest groups (stakeholders).

In the modern understanding, CSR is increasingly seen as a holistic business concept integrating all dimensions of sustainability. Therefore, Corporate Social Responsibility in businesses is a diverse engagement and offers an immensely broad spectrum of fields of action.

Targeted CSR Strategies

During my consultation I will first look at the diversity of possibilities of the sustainable engagement of your business in order to then discuss which fields of action are suitable for your business and which areas your business will want to engage in - whether the environmental aspect is close to your heart; the well-being of your employees is in the foreground; or your business wants to focus on a social area. Afterwards the sphere of action will be made more concrete and a more detailed explanation of the CSR emphasis with targeted CSR initiatives will be completed.

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So that the CSR strategies not only remain a concept, but are truly "lived" by and in the business, the close cooperation between employees and the leading team during the stage of finding ideas is especially important and imperative. After all, it is you who will continue living out the enthusiasm and the sustainable benefit, so that the implementation is a lasting success and doesn't evaporate at the end of the external consultation and the following high phase. For this reason, we will take an excursion into the business culture and the values, norms, behavior patters and dogmas prevalent inside the business. A lived-out CSR instead of a conceptualized one goes hand in hand with the business culture. Both have to mutually support each other and create new synergies in order to gain continuity, lived and carried from the inside out, instead of put on artificially from the outside. By engaging your business with CSR, you are assuming the position as a role model and pioneer. Accordingly, your CSR initiatives need to be communicated and publicized to the outside. PR and reporting about your holistic and sustainable interest in the media inform your surroundings about your ethical and societal actions and your example will have a ripple effect. With CSR, primarily, you will not only do something good for your business and your business partners. Its ramifications are more far-reaching than you might think - they will help the entire economy.