Family Business: Generational Differences & Business Succession

Generational Differences and Business Succession in Family Businesses

Successfully leading a business in which several family members are actively involved is a special challenge. All too often opinions, generations, private and business matters collide. Tradition, conservation and respect for the "old/old ones" versus innovation, renewal and the freshness of "youth". A middle road is often hard to find and is a true balancing act in practice.

A neutral, external person can have a look at the system and help gain perspective and clarity. Unspoken, unclear and non-communicated expectations, demands, arguments and patterns will be revealed jointly. As a basic principle, an open and fair communication attitude is indispensable in this process. Nothing needs to be beautified - everything is allowed to come to light.

Among other things we will ask the following questions:

How does the system work? What behavior patterns is it based on? How do you communicate? What is communicated? What is not? Why not? What is behind this? What is the significance of the business? Of the family? What is the extent of the influence of the business on family matters, and vice versa? Can a dividing line be drawn? Do I want to have a division? How strongly do I identify with the hotel? Am I the hotel? What is the role of employees and guests? What is the significance of the location? The surroundings? What am I responsible for? What am I not responsible for? What do I take too much responsibility for? Who steers? Who controls? Who executes? Am I allowed to let go? Am I allowed to take a step back? Withdraw? Interfere or stay out of things? Who will continue leading the business?...

We allow hidden expectations and disappointments, which can lead to misunderstandings and disagreements, to come to the surface and we give them room. Jointly we will look at how your family envisions cooperation in the future. Everyone should be satisfied with the solution. Everyone will get a space he/she feels good about and deserves.

Areas of responsibility will be clearly defined and marked. We are defining anew - our as well others' expectations, sense of responsibility, role awareness, styles of communication, values and behaviors - for a being together harmoniously and doing business successfully.